Australia Ready Made Shelf Company

Tax Status: Onshore Jurisdiction with fully taxable companies.

Advantages: With a global reputation for “thinking outside the box” and being an OECD member, purchasing a shelf company or incorporating a new business in Australia can be beneficial both in terms of business efficiency and reputation. Being one of the easiest places to do business worldwide, with a population of over 21 million, Australia is an attractive market in which to undertake company incorporation for a variety of reasons.

Disadvantages: There are very strict compliance, accounting and liability requirements for Australian companies. We would always recommend that you appoint a local accounting firm to assist with taxation and compliance.

Directors and Shareholders:  Australian Companies must have at least one Resident Director. We have Personal and Corporate Nominee Directors and Shareholders available for our shelf companies on a case by case basis only. Due to personal liability in Australia, we may not be able to guarantee any availability of Nominee Services.

Banking: A wide range of major Australasian and international banks are available to provide domestic and international banking services. We can assist with account applications, however a company director must visit the bank in person before any account can be opened.

Accounting Requirements: Australia has a comprehensive tax structure, which will require local expertise to navigate. For general information, visit the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website at:

Annual Requirements: There is an annual fee payable to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), plus costs for Registered Office / Agent, Nominee Directors and Shareholders, plus accounting costs.

Recommended Use: We recommend Australia as a place to set up a locally trading business, or as a branch office of an existing company, looking for more global exposure. It can be used for tax planning in conjunction with overseas companies.

Due Diligence: To comply with legal requirements in your jurisdiction of choice, before we can supply any ready-made ‘shelf’ or pre-incorporated Company, IBC or LLC to you, we will require identification of the beneficial owner such as passport copy and proof of address. Specific details will be provided upon application, depending on your full requirements.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we do not give legal advice. We assist to incorporate and maintain companies, sell pre-existing or ready-made shelf companies and provide nominee directors and shareholders. We accept no responsibility or liability for the actions of those operating the companies that we sell. Liability and responsibility remains with the beneficial owner or end user of the company.