Bank Accounts

Offshore Bank Account Opening

International banking is now one of the most regulated financial industries in the world. You need good contacts at good banks in order to successfully open and operate an offshore or overseas banking solution for your IBC, LLC or Company. We have a range of banking solutions to suit your stringent requirements in jurisdictions such as:

Our International Bank account opening services are limited to the companies that we incorporate and or administer and in special cases, accounts that are connected to our ready-made shelf companies where available.

For further information on our banking services, please email us with basic details of your requirements:

NOTE: We usually hold several Ready-Made companies with bank accounts already set up and operating. Pre-existing companies with working bank accounts are very difficult to come by and they do come at a premium cost. Please ask for details as we cannot publish the information to our public website.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we do not give legal advice. We assist to incorporate and maintain companies, sell pre-existing or ready-made shelf companies and provide nominee directors and shareholders. We accept no responsibility or liability for the actions of those operating the companies that we sell. Liability and responsibility remains with the beneficial owner or end user of the company.