UAE Ready Made Shelf Company

Tax Status: Onshore full tax jurisdiction with a special taxation system.

Advantages: UAE companies are not perceived as being an offshore company in a tax haven. For example, Dubai company formation is a reputable, regulated, international trading solution. A Dubai Offshore Company is an ideal vehicle to use as a holding or investment company, and is an excellent, long term alternative to an offshore company in other jurisdictions, which are more traditionally used for tax planning and asset protection.

Disadvantages: UAE has high fees and a complex company and tax regime, which requires a good local Agent to consult and advise on the correct use of company incorporated there. You should also know how to use a United Arab Emirates’ company before purchasing one of our shelf companies.

Directors and Shareholders:  UAE Companies may have local or foreign Directors and Shareholders. We have Personal and Corporate Nominee Directors and Shareholders available on a case by case basis only.

There is a selection of United Arab Emirates’ and International Banks to choose from and account opening requirements vary, depending on the chosen banks application system. Our local Agents can assist with the application for a bank account.

Accounting Requirements: There is no corporate tax, personal tax, capital gains tax or VAT in the UAE with exception of oil producing companies and branches of foreign banks.  No taxation information exchange agreements with other countries.

Annual Requirements: Accounts must be audited and must be distributed to shareholders (but not filed). The accounting records may be retain wherever the directors choose.

Recommended Use: If properly structured, UAE company formation is an excellent way to legitimately book international profits without paying local corporation tax. In addition, there are no capital gains or personal income taxes in the UAE. It is important for you to know how to use a UAE company before purchasing one of our ready made shelf companies.

Due Diligence: To comply with legal requirements in your jurisdiction of choice, before we can supply any ready-made ‘shelf’ or pre-incorporated Company, IBC or LLC to you, we will require identification of the beneficial owner such as passport copy and proof of address. Specific details will be provided upon application, depending on your full requirements.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we do not give legal advice. We assist to incorporate and maintain companies, sell pre-existing or ready-made shelf companies and provide nominee directors and shareholders. We accept no responsibility or liability for the actions of those operating the companies that we sell. Liability and responsibility remains with the beneficial owner or end user of the company.